The Name of Frieda

My name is Frieda Loh Joo Ing and I’m from Kuching, Sarawak

Once a tutor said the name “Frieda” is a German name.. and of course I’m not a German.

I used to hate my name because  people always pronounce “Frieda” as “Freda” and “Freda” sounds horrible… so please don’t call me “Freda”. Second, “Frieda” was inspired by the day I was born, Friday. Gosh! What a lame reason  for such a lame name! Fortunately, my father didn’t just name me straight, without further alteration–Friday, and I’d be Robinson Crusoe’s servant==|||.

Now I don’t hate my name anymore. No, not because it’s a German name. Just I guess we should appreciate what our parents have given to us, including our name. Now, I’m so used to “Frieda” until I nearly forgotten my chinese name, Joo Ing. Whenever someone called ‘Joo Ing’ I would like look around and wonder, “Who’s that?”

I like to read, especially fictions. One of my favourites is Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling really does have great imaginations.  I’m also a fan of Christopher Pike and R.L Stine. They’re such great thriller writers and the villain in their  stories are unexpected. Their series, ‘The Last Vampire’ and ‘The Fear Street Saga’ are my favourites too but i just can’t find them anywhere!

However, reading is not my primary pass-time. The first thing I do for leisure is surfing the internet. I often visit as it keeps me in touch with my friends even after graduation. It also has many interesting quizzes, tests and games.  Another website I visit frequently is to check my mailbox and forward some funny messages to my friends. my favourite search engine for it is fast, easy and informative. Sometimes I would deliberately use to link to certain websites just to help to gain more earnings. =D and as I get to read all kinds of comics and download varieties of songs from them.

This is, of course, not everything contain in the name of Frieda. Some cannot be defined with words =D as all the words exist are not enough to describe any person.

By Frieda

About Lay Yeng


I’m Ang Lay Yeng, come from Kampar. During my free time, I prefer listen songs than sleeping. My favorite singers are Fish Leong and Jay Chou.

Besides listening songs, I also like to watch drama. It’s seems useless to watch all those drama. In facts, I’m learning from the drama to decorate my house. I liked to change my house’s decoration frequently so that it’s would be bored to looking at. Moreover, I also like baking and cooking as well as making some desserts for my family members and friends.

No doubts, I also like to surf internet. The five websites that I visited the most are , , , and, . The activity that I like to do in the internet is chatting with friends using MSN. It is such a good communication tool to use since it’s also can chat face-to-face.

Furthermore, checking emails is the most frequent activity. It is a way to share information. As for me, it is very important as it is a device that I’m using to contact my lecturer and tutor when there are any queries.  On the other hand, I also like to play online games, searching for recipe, and check the availability of ticket for cinema or KTMB.

By Lay Yeng


A Little Bit on Suk Han

~Not as cute as Yn Chyau but cuter than layyeng & frieda =p

Suk Han

I am telling nothing but the truth (because of the name of this site) and hopefully i won’t offend lay yeng and frieda by revealing the truth about my cuteness =)

My honorable name is Chin Suk Han, from Petaling Jaya and I’m still living in Petaling Jaya as i travel to and fro Sg long everyday. I am indeed a very ordinary girl if you barely know me. In my opinion, i am someone who loves to mix around and get to know more true friends as i believe friends do play a part in putting colours into one’s life.

However, i am also someone with strict policies that i place unto myself to guard myself from making unfavourable mistakes. I also love to talk, so much so that silly things happen when i’m too much into talking. For example, me bumping into walls while walking =D. Oh, I also want to say that I understand how Yn Chyau feels as people always pronounce my name wrongly too. ‘ham’ = ‘han’ = ‘hen’  -.-“””

During free times, exercising is one of my favorite pass time activity, especially cycling and swimming. This is because cycling fulfills my indulgence for speed whereas swimming gives me a unique kind of peacefulness when I’m fully submerged underwater. That is also why i love travelling to islands, snorkeling is the best!

Besides exercising, i love to come online whenever I’m free. When I’m online, i frequent websites like,,, and Facebook-ing helps keep me in touch with my friends no matter physically how far away they are. Besides, checking mail is my daily activity as i don’t want to miss out on any important matters.

On the other hand, i would always have to surf for information regarding my assignments. Watching videos is also an interesting activity i would always do to check out on the latest mtvs and shows. i also love to visit my friends’ blogs just to have a little peek into their lives.

By Suk Han


yN cHyAu

The Special among the Ordinary ^^


yin3I am the special among the ordinary. This is the phrase I used to be in introducing myself.  I’m the cutest member of FACT, and it’s true…no kidding. My name is Chia Yn Chyau and I don’t know why almost everyone pronounced it wrongly. I came from a place called Sungai Besar, which is a small area in between of Selangor and Perak and the most pitiful is it is unknown to most KL people. My lovely hometown is situated near the sea and famous for its seafood, but… seafood is not my favorite. During my free time, I just have one thing to do, that is sleeping, and nothing else, except sleeping.

I came from a loving family with 6 members, my parents, two younger sisters and a brother. Although my parents are not highly educated person, they wish me to finish my University. They work hard to earn money and contribute a lot for me and my siblings to step into higher education. I really love them very much.

I joined UTAR two years ago and fortunately being sited in Tutorial Group 4 of Bachelor in Commerce Accounting at Sungai Long Campus. T4 classmates all are friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed my university life with them. In my days at Sungai Long, besides attending for classes and gathering with classmates, I spent most the time sleeping and browsing Internet. The top 5 websites that I frequently visit are,,,, and Below are the activities during my access to those websites.

1)      I checking e-mails and having a wonderful chat with my classmates, friends locally and oversea using MSN.

2)      I like playing games, do personality test and meet new friends in FACEBOOK.

3)      I find GOOGLE the best website to search information required for assignments.

4)      I enjoy watching Korean and Hong Kong dramas in PPS.

5)      I can find lots of latest songs and video clips in SOGOU.

That is all about me for now and my stories to be continued…

By Yn Chyau

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