Posted by: frieda88 | July 9, 2009

Review on local e-commerce site:

In line with its Easy to book, easy to pay, easy to fly, no frills and  ticketless concept, Air Asia was the first airline company in Malaysia to introduce online air-ticket reservation through its website in 2002.

Air Asia is a click-and mortar (click and brick) organization involving in business to consumer and business to business e-commerce activities, selling through the internet but providing its airline services in the physical world.

After years of modification and alterations, is what it is today, offering convenience to users who visited the website to plan for holiday, purchase flight ticket, online check-in and other travelling facilities. has sufficient components of electronic storefront to facilitate as a website convenient for users to navigate.

Search engine

There are two search engines in The primary search engine, located on the left side of the website, is used to search for the availability of air-flight ticket on a particular date. Another search engine searches for any information related to the words users type in the box.

Electronic catalog

When users search for flight ticket on a certain date, uses static catalog display to list the flights available along with their price, departure and arrival time, and flight number.

Payment gateway’s payment gateway may not be as convenient as they only accept payment through credit and debit card, American express and direct debit transfer. These payment methods may have some risk on buyers in exposing the credit and debit card code number than using electronic currency programs such as Paypal and NetPay.

Shipment court

For buyers who purchase merchandises from, Air Asia provides its own courier, Redbox, powered by DHL, which offers a 50% cheaper rate of package delivery service and ensure buyers purchases reach them in time.



  1. Is “navigate”, not “navugate”.

    Ah hahh, there too some attractive part of AirAsia, which is the offer made out for public, such as 0 ringgit flight ticket, those strategy make AirAsia getting stronger until now!

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