Posted by: Tiffany Suk Han | July 8, 2009

A Discussion on E-Learning offered in Malaysian Universities

Pros & Cons of E-Learning in Malaysian Universities from the students perspective


Wikipedia defines Electronic learning (or E-Learning or eLearning) as e-learninga term for all types of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), where technology is used to support the learning process. Basically, e-learning is education via the Internet, network, or standalone computer where network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge occurs. It also refers to employing electronic applications and processes (Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration) to learn. Currently, E-learning is adopted by almost every single university in our country, Malaysia.

clockUndeniably, E-learning has brought along many advantages for us universities’ students here. Firstly, it provides time flexibility where we can access information or communicate with friends and lecturers anytime there is an internet connection. This immensely benefits part-time students as they could have a more flexible time management while balancing betweencut cost work and study. Moreover, cost of studying could also be greatly reduced as we do not have to travel or make phone calls as much anymore. Besides, as vast information can be retrieved from the internet, students can also cut down on buying books.

Unfortunately, E-learning decreases face-to-face contact as well. Without clear communication with lecturers and assignment group members, high level of underslazytanding could not be achieved. Likewise, students’ skill of interaction with others deteriorates as well. Furthermore, E-learning is also a bad idea for students that lack discipline and lazy as they might not even play their part at all.

Although E-learning has its disadvantages, students nowadays depend on it very much in their studying process. Thus, E-learning is still good news to students as it definitely eases the learning development. Nevertheless, it should be utilized appropriately and students should not fully depend on it in order to avoid its disadvantages.


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