Posted by: layyeng | July 7, 2009

E-Government in Malaysia: Its Implementation so Far and Citizen’s Adoption Strategies.

E-Government can be defined as the use of the information technology to free movement of information to overcome the physical bound of traditional paper and physical based system.

renewal license

Services that MyEG offered : online driving license renewal, auto insurance renewal, road tax renewal, LDL applications, PDRM summons alert and payment services.

Objectives : provides a convenient and safety way to complete the renewal of road tax comfortably at home by using internet.

lhdnServices: filing the tax paid and tax return online,

Obejectives: provides a convenient way to the tax payers to file their income tax returns on order to save on time and improve efficiency.

eperolehanServices:act as an online government supplier exchange for the purchase of goods and services by government through internet.

Citizen’s Adoption Strategies

In order to attract more users to use E-Government, it must fulfill the customer satisfaction. A higher level of customer satisfaction may increase the rate of E-Government adoption. Moreover, quality of the service that provided may be one of the considerations as a user. The services must be performed effectively and efficiently. In line, the users are satisfied with the services and they will keep on using the services. The appearance of the website might be an impact. Users will concern about the personalization of the websites, customization of the products offerings as well as the self-care. Besides that, detailed guidance and instructions such as Frequently-Asked Question section must be available to aid the citizens in using the E-Government services effectively and smoothly.

In conclusion, the implementation of E-Government in Malaysia has brought Malaysian citizens to the Information Age. Citizens can enjoy the benefits of governmental services. However, there are lots of strategies needed to develop its fullest capacity as well as citizens’ adoption strategy to make more and more citizens beneficial through using E-Government services.



  1. I totally agree that implementation of e-government can bring more benefits and conveniece to citizens.

  2. belle i agree with u…we hv to upgrade….

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