Posted by: ynchyau | July 7, 2009

Corporate Blogging: A new marketing communication tool for companies.

Corporate Blogging: A New Marketing Communication Tool for Companies.


A new Weapon of Mass Communication- Corporate Blog, is a widely online activities used by most companies as momentous tool of communication in today’s world.

Corporate blogging is an access into great minds, a medium to transfer one’s telling and thoughts into an open book. This is the reason for it to be recognized as a new marketing communication tool for companies to discovering the needs and wants of customers.

Corporate Blog is designed to achieve organization’s goals and it is categorized into two types. Internal blog can be accessed through intranet where everyone within the organization can view and post comments or contributes well versed suggestion. External blog, however, is publicly procurable which allows employees, teams, customers, suppliers and others to share opinions and ideas.

Corporate blog opens a great opportunity for both companies and their customers. The good side of this blogging activity is it has built an online community of people who are fascinated in an organization’s products and services, and how their views towards these products, for instance, whatever customers passionate about. Therefore, customers may have better understanding as well as information about that particular products or services whereas companies able to know their demands as well as requirements.

Moreover, it provides mechanism for customers’ feedback and ideas. Dialogue session, idea sharing corner and revelation of true insights without corporate filtering is available for them too. Customers will fell satisfied as they are free to speak out their thoughts.

In conclusion, corporation blog has its own essential to act as a tool of communication. Companies exercising this corporate blogging benefits from many perspective, especially in marketing.



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