Posted by: ynchyau | June 27, 2009

The Threat of Online Security: How safe is our data?

 safeThe threat of online security: How safe is our data?

What is online security?

Online security is defined as a defense strategy to ensure the data in the computer cannot be read or compromised by any individual without authorization or being attacks by viruses.  


What are the threats facing by internet users?  

In today online environment, users of Internet are exposing to Online Threats. The threats include both technical attacks and non-technical attacks. It means that users’ information and data are no longer safe.



Virus is the software code which attached and propagated itself into host program.Worm is software program that copy itself until it interrupts other computer networks. Trojan Horse on the other hand is a program that appears to be useful but is actually mask destructive program. Daniel-of-service is an attack where attackers used specialized software to send data packets to target computer with the aim to overloading its resources.


phishingSocial engineering is a type of non-technical attack that uses social pressures to trick computer users into compromising computer networks. Phishing is an example of social engineering which plays a role to collect information through fake websites.  


How safe is our data?

Since data are no longer safe, defense strategies should be taken.

encryption2Encryption enables data transmitted in scrambled   and unscrambled form by computer system for authorized users only.



firewall Firewall is a gatekeeper system that protects computer networks from intrusion by providing a filter and safe transfer point for access to and from the Internet and other networks.  



antivirus 1Virus defense is the use of antivirus software as security suite that integrates virus protection with firewalls, web security and content blocking features.



Biometric security is a computer device that measure physical traits that make each individual unique. By then, only the right people can access through this system. For example, finger print, retina recognition and hand geometry.bio3bio2  bio4


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