Posted by: layyeng | June 26, 2009

The application of 3rd party certification programme in Malaysia.

Nowadays, e-commerce is used widely all around the world.Therefore, 3rd party certification programme took place to ensure the securities of users where a digital certificate issued. A digital certificate is a digital document that validates the identity of the certificate’s owner. Certificate Authority (CA), a trusted party, issued the digital certificates to users or to organizations. Furthermore, the digital certificate will valid for a certain period of time.

Digital certificates rely on public key cryptography for their own authentication. When a digital certificate is issued, the issuing certification authority signs the certificate with its own private key. To validate the authenticity of a digital certificate, a user can obtain that certification authority’s public key and use it against the certificate to determine if it was signed by the certification authority.

MSC Trustgate

MSC logo

The most popular 3rd party certification programme in Malaysia, MSC Sdn Bhd, is corporate in 1999. It is licensed under the Digital Signature Act 1997 (DSA), a Malaysia law that sets a global precedent for the mandate of a Certificate Authority. The vision of the corporate is “To enable organization to conduct their business securely over the Internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.” Followings are some of the products and services in MSC Trustgate:

productsAs a conclusion, a secure infrastructure is essential on the E-commerce in order to protect the publishers and users. The establishment of Certificate Authority plays a vital role not only to issue digital certificate but also have to ensure the security of E-commerce website. We, as an Internet users, must be aware with the security trademark to prevent from become a victim of security issues.



  1. E-commerce is a easy way of doing funds transfer or paying bills nowadays. We no longer need to go to bank or post office to have long queue. By the 3rd party certificate programme, it will be more secure and guarantee the users.

    • ya…it’s correct. But we have to make sure that the website is secured.

  2. yea ..i agree with u lay yeng..if no secured really GG….

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